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⚖️WEEK 2-JAN 17 ⚖️

⭐️2022 ⭐️

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I definitely consider myself a foodie which is defined as, “ A person with a special interest in food.” Let’s be clear, though—REALLY, REALLY GOOD FOOD, which is generally not synonymous with a cafeteria.

In 1989, I headed off to a spectacular HBCU, Central State University, where I was somewhat forced to supplement my nutritional needs by going to the cafeteria; or as we referred to it—“THE CAF”. We had 2 on the yard—Mercer and Dabney. Neither’s cuisine was impressive (especially for a foodie like myself), but my friends and I quickly identified 2 or 3 meals that were just basic enough for us to keep down when funds did not allow for us to grab fast food.

What was most intriguing to me about THE CAF was not the ambiguity and unpredictability of the food; it was what happened when we arrived hungry and ready to eat. No matter how quickly we may have rushed over to be first in line as soon as the doors opened, the big, husky football players were always ushered to cut in front of everyone. They weren’t given this gold star permission because it was game day or because they were rushing to  hop on a team bus to the Circle City Classic. They were given this preferential treatment—PRIORITY— for ONE reason:

Because they were football players.

THEY were the bread and butter—the money makers of the campus.

If you attended a baptist church, you might recall the pastor’s announcement/call for Offering. Suddenly I would look up from the pew and men and women were fashionably lined down the center aisle. They dropped their gilded envelopes in an extra special box at the front of the church. All the same people lined up with envelopes in hand each Sunday. Of course I wished I could join them, but instead we dropped our money in the other ‘regular’ trays. Why were those people given the extra special center aisle and private box treatment? Years later I figured out they had PRIORITY for ONE reason:

Because they were tithers.

THEY were the bread and butter—the money makers of the temple.

Both of these institutions aligned their processes and actions to reflect the unwavering support and cultivation of their PRIORITY. Regardless of how it may have looked or felt to everyone else, they identified what was most important to their growth and success. The occurrences were not random; not occasional actions that each entity tried out every now and then. Each and every Sunday and every time at THE CAF—the goal and the priority was kept front and center. It wasn’t written in a journal or whispered to a focus group, it was illuminated to all. And everyone fell in line accordingly.

OnMyQ’ers—I already know that most of you have quiet resolutions and major intentions on your agenda for 2022. What are they? How are you going to be bold in directing your actions methodically toward your priorities instead of a “sometimes” mentality? If the goal is to make more money this year, there are daily and weekly non-negotiables that will chart that course. It doesn’t always have to be pretty, as long as it makes sense and provides the grooming and conditioning for your dreams to come to pass. Thank you for your ever-present support!!

💰Love y’all, Crys