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On weeknights, I mentally choose my outfit for work the next day. I make an ambitious plan to put some extra time into my hair and makeup, and my attempts at the whole “glam” vibe. But, then I wake up about 40 minutes later than planned and I turn the channel on to GMA where I stare at the handsome TJ for 20 minutes and get lost in the political and homicidal news reported by Robin, Michael, and George. I realize if I want to stop at Starbucks, glam will simply have to wait for tomorrow.

I end up rushing out of the door mumbling something like, “I don’t need to be cute for those people anyway.” 😤😵‍💫

On the other hand, when I’m going out on the town, I make sure to set aside time to make glam a priority. I do that ridiculous eyeliner “cat eye” thing that takes me about 35 minutes to look even remotely like the IG screenshot I’ve saved on my phone. Oh, and I pull out the beauty blender (sponge) and concentrate (really, really hard) to use all of those colour sections on the makeup palette in the proper order and location on my facial canvas for contouring. Why? So when I walk into the event, heads will turn and people will offer the obligatory, “OH, YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL! WOW!

Did I mention that a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel APPRECIATED???

Those ooohs and ahhhs are the sound of what we interpret as appreciation—of our looks and our 2.5 hours of intense effort.

One of the most intriguing sports in the olympics is diving. When I watched this event as a little girl, I could never understand why one athlete's dive was better or worse than another. They all looked the same to me! Now I recognize what the judges look for. Each participant is leaping from 32 feet above the pool into 16 feet of water, and they must do so with MINIMAL SPLASH. There are other factors, too—poise and level of difficulty, but how calmly and gracefully the diver ENTERS the water is key. Gracefulness (along with skill) wins the gold medal.

For all of us who are fighting to make a name for ourselves in our business endeavors or otherwise, explosive appearances on the scene are not always the answer to acquiring fans, customers, support, or appreciation. Marketing is surely important, but flash and splash may yield very temporary high-fives camouflaged as appreciation. In order to acquire true appreciation for what we bring to the table, we must demonstrate a desirable poise and/or a creative ability to navigate a perceived difficult task. All of the glam and splash may cause our audience to think that all we seek is applause. Applause is temporary; appreciation is authentic attention.

OnMyQ…have you recognized the importance of grace and composure in your work ethic or relationships? DO TELL! Pomp and circumstance has its place but so does a more tranquil approach to demonstrating competence and dedication. Please share your thoughts and help us all to find balance in one another’s journeys. Thank you for your support and happy holidays!

Love y’all,